foam brush hose crap?

RIP October 12, 2013 – January 25, 2014


I have used a kr pre-made hose before and it lasted over 3 months of crap business.  🙂  These hoses were trouble and I could tell they were crap from the beginning.  I also pulled the little crappy hose saver up multiple times (which came off in 4 days)…. I should have just thrown them away when I got them.  Luckily I have a spare!  I need to purchase some Goodyear pushlock hose and throw all these hoses away.

My official review and opinion on this product:  “If CWS sent me a refund for all the hoses and sent me free Goodyear pushlock hose to replace everything…. I would still be disappointed.  That’s how bad and annoying they were.” 

What I might have done wrong:  Purchased them in the first place?  I am thinking I should have reglued the hose saver?  All 4 were glued really bad?  But how would I have glued them?  The place I purchased them from couldn’t glue them?

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  1. I use the Red Hoses that are less money, because the foamy brush is not a high pressure application. What I do different is instead of going straight into the brush handle, which makes the hose kink back on itself when hung up (of course they are usually only hung up, when I put them back up LOL). I use a working swivel on the hose , then add a brass street el (90 degree elbow (M+F) ) into a second working swivel. With this set up, it is more expensive, the KR swivels are around $10.00 a piece and the elbow is like $3.00. but the extra $23.00 to me is worth it because I probably replace 1 component every year or two. Also the only time I replace a hose is after it starts to show cords from being dragged along the ground from extended use. The best part about it is , the customer doesn’t know why they like to use it , but I do. When you are trying to wash a car or truck with no swivel or even 1 swivel , it does not move like you want especially when going from the horizontal and vertical body parts . I also have 1 more working swivel attached to the boom, so the hose never twists or kinks on itself and the customers spend more time because they are not trying to rush, while fighting a hose that doesn’t go where they are going.

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