GinSan pump stand changes?

This is just a comparison between a older GinSan unit 2001? and a newer unit.

DSCF4351 DSCF4354

tg-506 Ultimate Panel Wiring – July 2011

DSCF4876 DSCF4872

tg-447 Ultra Panel Wiring for GS-400

Looking at both units it looks like ginsan changed one thing around?  They replaced the gs-27d thing with the gs65 decoder thing?  Also nicer solenoids….. in the control box?  Why on Earth would GinSan produce dumb digital timers?  I guess it doesn’t matter and I don’t know the price….. but it seems stupid?  Look at all those terminals in those boxes!  🙂

Also the GS-27D thing is not really a necessary.  Basically the functions are….. if any LP function is ON no weep in that bay. Low water cuts off all bays and the best feature an one second delay for HP.

I assume the gs-65 decoder thing is the same as the gs-27d with 40 dip switches!  🙂

Also are GinSan pump stands cheap?  Why do they use FloJet or Aro pumps?  You can tell an engineer gave up and said this is easy to integrate.    🙂    

BTW…. I hate Aro pumps worse then any device I have used at a car wash……  and those BoarTex fake hog hair bushes were pretty bad!  LOL  🙂