What the?

Can people purchase stuff from car wash super store? Or is it just me? I understand I guess why they deleted my account (I guess?)…. it has been a year and a half.  But why can’t I register for an account? My stupid password is “8 characters and have both letters and numbers.”  Actually my password “has” or “had” both characters and numbers (even tried special characters and cap letters)….. but when I entered the password it did “have” both letters and numbers…. see what I did?  Stupid joke making fun of cws’s bad grammar from someone with bad grammar!    🙂

Also why is a fax number required? It this 1990? Also your cart is really bad! Research cookies or something?  My favorite “feature” is when the cart forgets your order!  Kleen-Rites cart remembered my order from 3 months ago…. Just saying.  Yeah…. KR site actually works and I need $650 of car wash crap?  But isn’t working?  What would someone do?  After blogging about it?  LOL  🙂


UPDATE!  Okay you can tell I’m a loser!  I figured out a work around for their stupid password problem / bug.  This also does not get fixed when using shorter passwords….. like 16 characters.  I “have” tried multiple combos.  NO ONE TESTED THIS!  In fact I want $90 Car Wash Super Store for informing you of your problems….. not kidding.  Sorry that’s my going rate!  Plus a 10% discount from now on…. think of the money I just saved you?!  In lost sales….  Also not kidding.

CarWash Superstore   Registration

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