PSA: Why you should NEVER go to a tunnel, express wash, full service etc.

Disclaimer… I have no clue what happened… But my Dad owns one and I’m pretty sure I do.   🙂

It just looks like the express wash ripped off this person’s back bumper. That’s all! 

This is how I should promote my self service car wash!   Something like…  “Do you like your car not damaged?  You should always inspect EVERY BRUSH or TUNNEL BEFORE YOU ENTER!” It’s actually a true statement. You could even include the fact that if your car is damaged at an express tunnel they will probably blame you?  Or if they do fix your car they are going to use cheap knock off parts….

I was actually inspecting one of my Dad’s tunnels and there was barb wire just chilling in the wraps. 🙂  That’s why its really important to constantly inspect cars and equipment. It also should be you… Just look at that employee loading you on that convertor. (Plus that convertor could crush your caps or scratch the crap out of your rims… Oh did I type that? 🙂 )

Yeah if you own a tunnel the only thing you might be able to argue is the “I never blame the customer for having a car that falls apart”. 🙂



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