Worse customer service? US Para Plate [email protected]

I understand that all companies are not created equal.  I understand that sales departments aren’t either.  All sales people should have to call Weber… makes me want to purchase a new grill just thinking about them.  🙂   I actually use US Parapalte unloaders.  I don’t think I will purchase one again though.

I think that every customer is lazy now…. I don’t want to talk to Bob or Marty at Para Plate.  YEAH I’M LAZY!  That is also why everyone has quit going to self-serve carwashes and going to express car washes… there lazy.  So if I don’t  want to talk to Bob, I email Bob and maybe Bob can just answer my easy question?  Right?

I did the same thing the other day to Dixmor (which BTW probably has the best customer service) and they emailed back twice and it fixed the problem!  🙂  I also sent them stuff to fix and they don’t kill you on repairs?  WHAT?  Which is a nice touch (hint IDX…. that’s why I don’t use there coin acceptors anymore,  also Hamilton).

So I emailed [email protected] a question:

Could you please email me a manual for your 24400 timer?

The reason I had to email them is because either their site it terribly out of date?  Or the manual has trade secretes?  (More to come…  🙂

This was Bob’s response:

Just confirming.  Are you a user of the 24400 timer??  Please provide your company name and location.  Thanks, Bob 

Yeah?  Really? For a $70 timer?  NO!  How about rereading my email… but I was nice.  🙂  My response:

What are you talking about?  I was going to purchase one?  You don’t have a link on your web page.  Why would I email otherwise?

His response:

We just like to make sure you are a car wash operator, not an electronics manufacturer looking for competitive intelligence on our products.  Attached is the instruction manual for the T24400 timer.  If you have any questions on its functions, you can call Marty at (276) 591-4837.
Thank you, Bob 

So he emailed the manual… why not just do that in the first place?  Also the manual has no competitive intelligence at all.  It’s one page!  It has no schematic?  No pin outs for the display?  No protocol for the display?  In fact I would argue the manual has zero differentiating information except the reference to the T24500 display which Bob did not answer a question about…. maybe tomorrow?  There are 10 or more vendors that sell vacuum timers…. the only thing that makes this only mildly special is the display you can NOT find.

So I should add them to companies I dislike because they are unhelpful:     National Pride, Ryko, U.S. Para Plate

BTW:  I emailed with National Pride in 2010 and told them that their 2007 catalog link was broken.  Still broken.  They also didn’t help which how to install the meter doors they sold me.  NICE!  🙂


UPDATE:  10 Days later Bob never emailed back for some reason?  Probably just a sales person that doesn’t care about selling stuff?