New Product for Lowes?


Look what Lowes is selling now!  96″ fluorescent lights with the crappy T12 connections I thought you could only purchase at Grainger.  But be sure to check all the bulbs… I purchased a whole bunch and got different kinds!

2 Replies to “New Product for Lowes?”

  1. You have to be careful buying bulbs at Home Depot or Lowe’s. You never know if it’s been dropped and won’t work. I always check the bulb in the package and sometimes find a bulb inside that only costs a couple dollars, which means someone swapped it with the one that should be $30 and got a good deal. I never buy fluorescents from there unless it’s a full sealed box.

  2. We go to a sign supply house and the bulbs are way cheaper. Those ends are called HO, and those bulbs light in cold weather where others dont. At the sign supply house the bulbs are about $4 each for a F96T12 HO cold Temp.

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