Across the Street


Look what is across the street.  A guy with a pressure washer and a water tank!  I wonder how long he will last?


This was the next day.  This is him filling up his small motor home at the gas station.  I also stole his last “professional business” card at the gas station!  Looks like he takes washing cars seriously!  Corey, has an “all-in-one service” which includes “residential and commercial” “lawncare and mobile detailing”.  I do not understand his name of his “company” though “Rise -N- Shine” unless he as makes breakfast?

One Reply to “Across the Street”

  1. Dear Rise and Shine-

    How is Residential and commercial an all in one service? Do you wash my car, mow my lawn, than follow me to work and wash the building?
    What does your company doing with all the water run off?
    What does your insurance policy state about getting hurt on someone else’s property?
    What do you think your professional image is driving arouund that beat up grey hunk of shit?

    -Signed never be a customer of yours.

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