Kirklin Clinic – Department of Surgery – Otolaryngology


Brooklyn R Spears’ garbage ended up filling up one of my garbage cans today and what a find that was.  Looks like she works for Kirklin Clinic (I have her direct deposit stub) and she just had tons of medical records for some reason.  Also drugs and personal mail!

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  1. From one of the pics, it looks like she is 74. Could it be a care-taker of hers is careless? Or perhaps even stealing from her? Not that it is impossible, but how many 74 year olds are cleaning out their own cars? Perhpas you should contact her?

  2. The patient’s name is Mary (last name not shown) – see pic #2. Brooklyn R. Spears is the employee of the Kirkland Clinic. Mary’s medical records at the Kirkland Clinic ended up in the car wash trash. I smell a serious HIPAA violation.

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