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  1. Well, speaking of excitement and potential mystery… today I used a newly installed PDQ Laserwash G5 S-Series machine at a Shell gas station, and it was set up with Gator Wax brand products.

    I’ve never heard of Gator Wax before. I’m wondering if it’s a local manufacturer or something?

    A Google search reveals nothing.

    The presoak gave good coverage, and was slightly greenish with a pine scent. It worked well.

    The triple foam conditioner was supposedly bubblegum scented, but smelled more like mint; nothing like Ryko’s bubblegum scent, which is just straight up Bubblegum.

    The clearcoat conditioner (“Super Sealer”) smelled like mint chocolate chip. The labels seemed to kinda contradict each other — the drum was stencilled “Super Sealer” on top, but said “Rinsing Agent” on the side.

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