LAI lock install


I ordered a couple LAI locks to check them out and ended up ordering the wrong kind.  I ordered the B622F 600 series high security cam locks that can fit the cylinder locks that I also ordered.  But with the high security locks you can not remove the key when the lock is unlocked,  it has to be in the locked position to remove the key.  This feature is really crappy because the Fragramatics vacuum has 3 locks on the door so I would need 3 keys to open the door, not cool.  So I am going to have to purchase some 500 series cam locks, but the 500 series can turn right and left where the high security can only do one or the other, which is good.  Wow what a pain.

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  1. I’ve replaced the original Fragramatics locks with the standard Gem cam locks for Weben car wash doors. They’re much cheaper and do the job just as well since there’s no access to the money through the front door anyway. They break pretty easily if someone tries to pry the door open, which can be a positive thing depending on how you look at it (Would you rather have cheap locks broken during a break-in attempt or have to replace a very expensive fragrance machine door?) They can be ordered with a specific key number and can be orientated to have the key removed with a 1/4 turn in either direction.

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