Basement treasures series: Installment 4


This is a new addition to the series.  You really want to purchase this!  It is a Jim Coleman Tripleshine 5 bay unit.  It retails for around $6,520 new and this unit is around 5 years old.

Please purchase this!  If you don’t want this item, not to worry.  I have even more equipment in my basement.

4 Replies to “Basement treasures series: Installment 4”

  1. I am interested in this ..what do you want for it? Can you give me a cost to ship to 34208. I alos need a wirign harness for a DH vendmaster. I currently have foam, but not triple foam it is only blue.

  2. Will this unit replace the foam brush system? I have a six bay self serve wash in East Coat of Canada and would like to replce my foam brush system. Is this the same as the triple foam system?

  3. Yes, the Tri-Foam system would work as a brush system, but you would have the ability to have 3 colors of soap (make sure to put a “conditioner” online rather than a polymer protectant.)in succession coming out of the brush. It would definitely make you stand out from the competition! The drawback is the price. Usually, it is not cost-effective when purchasing new, as the foam brush system is a couple thousand less. Otherwise, you could either reprogram the Omron PLC, and have it only draw from one tank,(possibly utilizing the other tanks for other things) or simply put the same brush soap in all 3 containment areas, thereby producing the same color or white soap coming out the brush. Other than having the PLC and 3 tanks, it is identical to the foam brush system. You have a regulator for the product and the air.

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