Guthrie’s cash register?


Well today I got 2 cash registers that looked like someone with a crowbar broke into them.  I called the Police and I said that I thought it was Guthrie’s so they called another Police department but the detectives were off today.  So the Police officers said to just throw them away.  I did call the restaurant and they were robbed 2 weeks ago but they never called back  to say if they wanted the registers.

2 Replies to “Guthrie’s cash register?”

  1. The detectives are off so, just throw them away? What kind of backwoods-podunk mayberry bullshit is that? I wonder if I could try that here. “I’m sorry Sir, thank you for finding evidence that might lead to us catching the perp. But you see, the detective that is assigned to that case is fishing in the Florida Keys. So, just chuck it” Somehow, I think I would be in major trouble if that happened. Sure the evidence on the registers are tainted from well….the elements and yourself. But I mean jeez…fake it at least…try “Thank you very much car wash blogger guy. We will take these registers from you and give them to the detective assigned to the case. Wow. Maybe there is a reason why the NYPD is considered one of the best departments in the nation. For one we don’t turn away potential evidence on the account the detective is on vacation. What a joke.

  2. If I found something like that at the wash, first thing I’d do is check surveillance video for a licence plate number and give that to the police. If they gave me a response like that I’d call local Crimestoppers. If it didn’t solve the case, it would at least make for a good story.

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