Rowe power problem


I have been talking to Rowe about fixing my Rowe BC-200 changer problems.  Tom emailed me about testing my power supply and seemed to think that the changers problems where caused by the power supply.  He said that the power supply is suppose to output 14.4 volts on pin 1 (purple wire) on the 13 pin connector (the name is J2020 or P202).  I tested 3 power supply today and all were different.

#1 was 14.7 to 14.8 volts,  #2 was 12.0 volts,  #3 was 14.6 to 14.7 volts

I am not really sure if the 14.6 is within the correct range but all 3 are not 14.4, I will let you know the outcome.  Also Tom informed my that Rowe has an exchange program for their power supplies, for $105 they will exchange out your power supply with a working power supply.  This is really a great service but I really hope I do not have to use it.

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