My electric mower is broken!


My Homelite electric mower just quit working.  I assumed that the cord was shorted, but the electric mower was broken.  I used my vacuum motor knowledge to figure out the problem.  Check out the brush problem below.


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  1. I have one of these (looks like the Homelite 18³), and it just went out after just a handful of uses¦ how long did yours last before dying?

    (This is with my correct email address provided… sorry about the double post.)

  2. My 85 year old mom bought one from Home Depot to cut a small area of her yard.
    The very first time she used it she got halfway thru & it simply quit. Brand new
    mower. Thinking it to be a defective switch, I bypassed it, but the motor still
    would not start. Frankly, just looking at this machine it doesn’t appear to be
    very well made.

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