ICA Education Session Handbook


I enjoyed the ICA meeting this year and appreciate Jeff Byma from the International Carwash Association, for helping me attend the show and to attend the educational sessions.

I also enjoyed meeting Eric Hanson from Boston? who invited me to a party I was not invited to.  I believe he said that he was going to send in some pictures of his wash for me to post.  I also enjoyed meeting Kate Carr and Pat Harrington from Professional Carwashing & Detailing.  I also talked to Greg a couple times while he was running away from me and others.

I could not attend very many sessions this year because I was extremely tired but I did attend “Going Green” by Bill Sartor, Washem Car Wash.

The ICA meeting only had 16 sessions this year, but in 2005 (the last time I attended) they had 29 over 5 days instead of 3.  Also the session handbook was a lot larger then this years.

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