Cool air fresheners


I talked to the people in the Sonny’s booth and they said they are selling more self serve supplies.  I am not really sure but while looking in their “2008 Auto Accessories” catalog I found my “I Love Jesus” and “Mossy Oak” air fresheners.  So I will have to purchase them and see how they sell.


I always liked the “Cherry Bomb” air fresheners and the customizing idea, but never have done it.  To customize one side (with their stock image on the other side) $.36, for 2 sides $.39 (also a one time setup for $75).


I went past Average Joe Auto care products and checked out “The Amazing Aroma-Disk”.  This air freshener seems like a good idea if they sold a special vending machine that you never had to stock (which I asked them about), but you have to just use your current vendor.  Average Joe’s web site says they cost $9.99 for 10 but they might sell through a distributor cheaper?

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  1. Do they make a mimosa tree fragrance one, or would you even want a big, round slice of wood hanging from your mirror?

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