Air setup remodel?


While going to my daily trip to the Lowes, I saw these air couplers for $2.78 and realized that this would have been cheaper then using all the ball valves.  I would have used a lot less fittings and get the same functional purpose of the ball valves (if I set it up correctly).

3 Replies to “Air setup remodel?”

  1. I’ve used those air couplers – if they’re not kept completely dry, the ball bearings that allow them to disconnect and reconnect will rust, usually siezing them connected. They’re cheap for a reason.

  2. Lowe’s and Home Depot sell the same couplers. They’re not all that bad except for the ball bearings that hold it together, which are poorly chromed steel. If they were stainless steel they’d be pretty good. If you keep them dry and off the floor like you’ve done with your manifold they’ll probably last, but I won’t use ’em again.

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