New solenoid bank install


Well this old solenoid bank drank the last 10 gallons of tire cleaner that it will ever drink.  I really don’t like dumping good tire cleaner down the drain, so this was the last time for this thing.   This solenoid bank keeps sticking and I really don’t understand why.  It keeps moving from bay 1 and 2.  I would clean 1 then 2 would start, then 1 or 2 would drink all the tire cleaner overnight.  This happened three times and countless cleanings.  I think it is possessed?


So I swapped it out with a solenoid bank that I purchased from Greg.  The solenoids are larger and when I installed them they didn’t work.  Note the red arrows:  this solenoid bank has metering.  Wow! this drove me crazy figuring this out.  But I should have figured it out at first, not after disassembling everything twice.

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