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  1. You aren’t bothered with the tape wrapped around the shampoo brush handle? I may as well be blunt, but maybe the reason your washes get trashed with dumped garbage and the like is that you let stuff like that go. I noticed the pics of the frozen and broken bay hose a few days ago that appears that it broke because the hose was old and frayed and not just from the freeze. Too bad you’re so far from my wash, or I’d show you what one can be like with the meticulous upkeep I put into it.

    I’ve been doing this a long time, and I’ve seen the same mistakes made over and over. The owner or operator thinks ratty hoses or faded decals and the like don’t matter, and then wonder why the place becomes a dumping ground. If you respect your own property, your customers will be more likely to respect it too.

  2. Maybe I should add a donate button. Black duck tape is cheaper than a Coleman refurb. of the hose. Actually Coleman owes me a vacuum; I need to call them tomorrow. Maybe they stole it?

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