“Haulin’ Liquid Chicken” Inedible?


I like what his truck is “haulin'” which is “liquid chicken” or at least that is what it says. In the small print it says “inedible”? I think “liquid chicken” is a great idea! Just think: a nice chicken shake, chicken gum or candy. The sky is the limit! Actually with chickens the ground it their limit (no flying? bad joke?).


Wow that was fast. I was doing some very in depth research on “Haulin’ Liquid Chicken” when I noticed my link already in Google after 22 minutes. I guess this is the reason Google is the best search engine?

2 Replies to ““Haulin’ Liquid Chicken” Inedible?”

  1. Liquid chicken would be eggs. So, if you can’t eat meat in lent, can you eat liquid chickens?

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