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  1. That is one beat-up Ryko Softgloss XS!

    Looks like it was used by a Caddy dealership. Some dealerships will wash your car when you bring it in for service, and they use the same machine to keep the vehicles spic ‘n’ span on the lot.

    Weird thing is, that machine’s brushes look practically unused. It must have gotten slammed in shipping somewhere. That wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen that happen… Texaco stations around here were getting these new N/S 3-brush machines back in the late 90s which had a big sheetmetal hood over the top brush, and on almost every one of them, the hood was dented in. Not a one of them wound up going into service; instead, the old Turbo-Brush machines that were supposed to replace them stuck around as long as Texaco itself did.

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