Look at all this garbage I found


I found this cd called “PHAT JAMZ Volume 130, Super Hits in English & Spanish” it is a cd with 161 mp3s.  I guess the MPAA approved this?


In an unrelated story I found a pawnbroker receipt, I love finding these.  This one is for $10 for 3.4o G of Scrap Gold.  The annual finance is only 240%, seems reasonable.


I guess someone cleaned out their bathroom garbage can.  Why else would you have 20 or more boxes of Ephedrine?  I know for “Asthma Relief” not for Methamphetamine.  Not really sure what the “Swarm Extreme Energizer” and packs of “Basic” cigarettes are for though.  If you have asthma and need so much Ephedrine why do you smoke cigarettes?

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