Where do you purchase this piece?


One of my Coleman Fragrance vacuums was having some problem spraying and also one scent did not work.  I used some glass cleaner to clean out one on the scents to make in work perfectly.  Next, let the fun begin.


I planned to check the solenoid first.  It had gluey crap all over it.  I cleaned it off and still had a problem.


Next I removed the barb on the solenoid bank.  This was clogged so I cleaned it out.  I still had a problem.


So I decided to remove the elbow piece and see if it was clogged.  When removing the elbow I broke off another barb.  Now, where can I find a 1/8″ mip to 1/8″ barb?  Now 2 scents do not work.

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  1. I’ve replaced the fixed barbs on our machines with a composite swivel elbow from Parker. It’s a quick-connect tubing fitting and makes servicing the machine a lot easier. Grainger should be able to get them for you.

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