Home Depot compact fluorescent / mercury vapor replacements


After the MEP1 / Bill comments on my last fluorescent bad idea, I though maybe someone could help me with this question.  So, I was at Home Depot (because I go every other day) and saw these compact fluorescent / mercury vapor replacements.  This looks like an interesting idea.  Has anyone used / seen these before?  The Home Depot sales person said they were the best thing ever.

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  1. Eric,

    Have you tried any of these bulbs? I would love to cut into my electric bill a bit but wonder how much less ligt output I will realize…

    I have read some positive feedback about some ergonomic high output flourescent lights but they aren’t cheap ($300/fixture need 2 per bay…).


  2. Light per watt with mercury vapor and fluorescent is about the same, so going from 175w mercury vapor to 65w compact fluorescent will mean you’ll only get about a third of the light.

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