Honda Fit out of gas again?


So I guess I am a moron again.  My little car somehow ran out of gas.  So I decided to use my Magellan skills and my trusty Garmin gps device to blaze a short cut through some neighborhoods and the woods.


When I got to the railroad tracks all I could think of when I was trying to find an easy way up the bank was the scene from Stand By Me and the song.  But there was no bridge and train.


When walking down one of the train tracks (I had to get over 2 tracks) I found whatever this is.  It looks kind of important for a train?  But I am not a conductor.


It was an adventure of a lifetime.  I saw a broken down outhouse and horses on some farm like area.  All I know is I thought I was going to get shot or find a “dead body” (bad joke from movie?).  Well, after my hour of hiking and navigating the back country, I gave up and I may have called for a ride back to my car.  I do not really remember.

2 Replies to “Honda Fit out of gas again?”

  1. that looks to be a broken coupler and drawbar assembly off of a rail car, not a very common sight, you usually can find brake shoes easily

  2. That’s what I thought too – I can only guess that they were left on a car or flatbed after being replaced and then fell off. There’s no way it can fall off of a train if it was in service, unless the train derailed.

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