How to repair a tire with a nail in it after you drive through a car wash

1)  First get a nail in your tire and a tire repair kit.  I purchased the Victor Deluxe Tire Repair Toolbox


2)  Use needle-nose pliers.  I could not find mine so I used another type.


3)  Use the t-handle rasp tool (the tool that looks like a round file).  Jam the tool into the nail hole.


4)  Use the t-handle insert tool.  Then try to insert the plug in the insert hole.


5)  Then jam the insert tool with the plug into the nail hole 2/3 the way in.  Then pull the tool out.  (Do not leave the t-handle in the tire.)


6)  Cut the plug.

7)  Then pump up the tire to the correct pressure.  Also use a good tire gauge and throw the gauge that comes with the kit away.  Done.


This is the first time I have repaired my own tire so the steps may be incorrect.  If the steps are wrong do not follow them.  But they worked fine for me.

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