A little Boric Acid in the eye never hurt anyone?

(Boric Acid is an inactive ingredient in Visine.)


Well hopefully boric acid in yellow jacket’s mouths and eyes with kill them (or at least work better then the catch and release program).  Greg recommended using boric acid, sugar and water.  I used some sugar, boric acid and Mountain Dew.  I thought since the yellow jackets love Mountain Dew that it would be a good substitute.  I know what you are thinking:  Where do I purchase boric acid?  The answer is at CVS ($9.19 for 12oz.) or a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist because it is on the other side of the counter, but it is over the counter, if you know what I mean.  The second picture is the amount of Mountain Dew and sugar I used.  I just added about a tablespoon of boric acid.


 The first picture shows Sterling Rescue Yellow Jacket Trap it trapped one yellow jacket, good job!  So I decided to put the bottles in the garbage cans that were yellow jacket infested.  It only took a minute before the first yellow jacket started to taste death (I hope).


The first 2 pictures are minutes after I installed the Mountain Dew mix.  The last 2 pictures are when I left the car wash.  The yellow jacket population really calmed down (not really sure if they died or they just where too full and sleeping).  Some stupid yellow jackets drowned at the bottom of the bottles.

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  1. I really could care what Hunter thinks….. but as an update. 10/21/2013 I have not had a yellow jacket problem. Really worked great…. crazy? 🙂

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