Why does a car wash blog get more people commenting for emu oil and Fieros?  I mean emu oil is cool looking because it is blue, but come on guys.  Check out my Google ranking for emu oil blog number 3.  Maybe I should start up a emu oil blog?

 Well someone mailed me a gift of “Maximum Strength New Emu Blue” to my PO Box (which you can also send me crap to review: PO Box 48, Dolomite, AL 35061).  This emu oil has interesting ingredients: whole leaf aloe vera concentrate, purified water, msm, emu oil….  Why is emu oil the number 4 ingredient?  I do really like aloe vera though; I use it every day and seems to help everything.


My aloe vera says it is “Healing therapy” also, but it is not blue and it is a lot cheaper.  So I rubbed aloe vera all over my body and guess what.   Emu oil/aloe vera really works!  Cool!  I also like it in my hair, you know it promotes hair growth.  Actually maybe that is why my hair is falling out?