Remington Chain saw upgrade for weed removal


I upgraded to the Remington 3 hp with 16″ bar thing (107624-01) it cost an extra $15.  The last picture shows the free smoke that was included with no change.  (It must have been trapped in the motor or something?)


I got through the stump then ripped it out with the power of my Honda Fit.  Then I cut it all in manageable pieces so I could pick it up.


The stump was really a good size; I have size 13 shoes on.  I also used this time with the Mimosa tree to learn about Dendrochronology (which is the scientific method of dating trees based on the analysis of tree-ring growth patterns).  When I chopped down the larger of the two limbs I counted the rings as shown in the last picture.  I learned that the Mimosa tree lived way to long and should have been killed way before its 10th birthday celebration.  As a birthday party, it shed all its pink flowers and made an awful mess.