Moleskine legendary notebook of Hemingway, Picasso, Chatwin and Eric Wilson


Well, I used to use 3 different PDAs, but never really used them that much.  Then I decided to kick it old school with a pad of paper.  I started to use cheapo notebooks that are 3 for $1.  It was amazing how much I used the notebook.  Sometimes the “Handwriting recognition” on the pad of paper can be a real problem (bad pda joke), but I had the same problem with the pda.  Then I found this blog on tools and they mentioned the Moleskine notebook.  I thought it was a total rip off at Barnes & Noble for $10.  But it really is a great notebook.  I like the band to hold it together, the book mark thing, and the file at the end of the book.  I carry the book in my back pocket all the time and it holds up very well.  If you use a notebook you should check it out.