Weed eating time


I needed to cut down some trees on the side of my wash.  I tried to start my gas trimmer and it said “No”.  I am sick of gas crap (actually it is really a nice trimmer, it just does not work every year).  So, I purchased this Black & Decker electric trimmer / edger.  It is a Grass Hog XP, which sounds good.  (Check out the cool B&D video, just kidding it is not cool.) It is the ugliest trimmer out of all of them.  Why do you need fake chrome on a weed eater?  I lost some metal piece that stuck out the front about halfway through the process.  I started to look for it then came to my senses.  If it falls off that easily it is just a matter of time before I lose it again.  It is a very powerful weed eater and I like it.    It looks like it is a year old after the first use and yes, the chrome scratches and comes off.