Honda Fit 2007


They finally got my car in from some other Honda dealership.  Black on black: a car wash owners dream customer.


The first picture is the car when it had a red pin stripe (they removed the stripe).  I got the base model with the power package.  My only options were a plastic cargo mat and the cargo shade.  It did not come with mats, but I had one BMW mat in mint condition (I found it at the car wash).  I think I am going to purchase the plastic Honda mats.  I hope the car will get the 38 mpg on the highway like it says.  I am getting about half that now and I need premium gas in my other car.


The first picture is my organized truck the second picture is my new setup.  It is about the same amount of room as my normal car but the seats recline now.  My parents in law really helped me out on this car and I think it should save us some money.

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