8 Replies to “I saw a Ferrari 512TR today?”

  1. I do not believe a Fiero is still drivable. It should have already caught on fire. That is funny that you found the car. Did you purchase it?

  2. I think I’ve seen that car before, or one just like it. The “kid” at the time (It was at least 15 years ago) brought it in for an inspection where I worked, and actually wrote “Ferarri” on the paperwork when he signed in. It was clearly a Fiero when I got in, even still had the Pontiac emblem in the steering wheel. It also had the stock 2.8 liter engine, the same one in most of the S-10 pickups of the same year.

  3. I just found your site while doing a search for “512tr”. I think this kit is intended to look like a early eighties Ferrari 512 Boxer with a bunch of aftermarket body parts added- like the scoops, wing and testarossa inspired side strakes.

    The 512 BB was replaced in 1984 by the Testarossa, and superceeded by the improved 512tr (Testarossa) in 1991, and then by the ugly 512M in 1994.

  4. saw this thing at speedsouth in pelham. they were NOT working on it, it was just parked there. totally hideous. I think it was assembled using hate and jack-assery.

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