Ok, so the meter boxes should not be touched?

I just want to say all the functions worked in the bays before I opened them.  I check them once a week and really never have problems.  I just should not open the doors.


It all started with a coin jam.  Someone really beat the crap out of it and the coin acceptor came unscrewed.  I also replaced my broken in-line fuse.


I then tested the bay and the spot free did not work (purple and black wire).  I did not know where the wire connected so I opened another meter door.  Bad mistake.  Now high pressure does not work on the second bay (second picture).  Also, this red wire snapped off (third picture). 


I believe my problem is the wires are corroded and seem very brittle.  Also, the terminals seem rusted.


So I opened the third bay to fix the second bay.  Again bad idea.   You get the picture.

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  1. Eric,

    Have you seen the 8 or 10 position rotary switches (Windtrax) that come with a wiring harness? They come with a female harness and you can buy a male harness to go with it and make for a sweet setup. If you don’t want the rotary switch you can just buy the male and female harnesses.

    If I begin to have the types of problems you are experiencing I will probably wire one of these up and solder and shrink the electrical connections. I have never been too fond of electric wire on connections, especially those in the coin box…

    Also, I got your message… Never open the box unless there is problem…


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