Carl Armstrong dumped garbage in my dumpster?


I realize I need to lock the dumpster, but the dumpster guys threw away my lock and then someone else scraped the metal bar.  I do not understand why I have a problem.  There is a sign that clearly says "not for disposal of public garbage".  Well, maybe Carl got his garbage stolen like my friend Monica Ravizee ?


Carl Armstrong

I am the owner of the Wylam car wash that someone dumped your garbage at.  The dumpster was completely full and the dumpster fee is $48.  Please send payment of $45 as soon as possible or I will be forced to contact the authorities.

Thank you and I hope this does not happen again.

Make payment payable to:  ES Car Wash, Inc., PO Box 48, Dolomite, AL 35061

I think the ES Car Wash, Inc. looks more professional.