Monica Ravizee dumped garbage in my dumpster?


I decided to go through the garbage today that was dumped.  I found that Monica Ravizee dumps at least 8 bags of garbage or someone stole her garbage and dumped them in my dumpster.  Monica appanently has a sick kid.  There was an address so I took a drive to my friends house.


The location has three satellites and 2 1/2 mail boxes.  They also have a garbage can.  I need to compose a message to this person.

Monica Ravizee

I am the owner of the Wylam car wash that someone dumped your garbage at.  The dumpster was completely full and the dumpster fee is $48 there will also be a cleanup fee of $20.  Please send payment of $65 as soon as possible or I will be forced to contact the authorities.

Thank you and I hope this does not happen again.

Make payment payable to:  Eric