Low of 29 predicted.


My easy out was rusted together or something.  I needed the small bit, so I had to use pliers to turn it.  Now I know this weep system fix is flawed.  Can you point out all the problems?  Actually, this is not a test; you can post the answers for me.


When the solenoid is installed vertically it leaks.  Randy, I believe told me, that this is a bad idea, now I know why.  The last picture, is how much it leaks out of the first bay, high pressure gun.


This hose was the only hose Home Depot sold.  Could this cause a problem?  I believe that this hose has a 55psi rating?


Now the Weep Mizer question, this is a picture before I started messing with it.  The "outputs 1" light was not lit.  Is this a problem?  I believe that this is a problem, so I started messing with the settings.


I turned the output 1 "on" this seemed to make the solenoid turn on, when I changed to the target temperature.  It also turned the “output 1” light on.  When I was trying to fix this thing, a wire came out and when I was jamming it back in.  A fire ball tried to blind me.  Not only did I have a white light in my eye for a minute.  My glasses have a black mark on them and no, it will not come off.  I guess my glasses saved my eye sight again.


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