I got my SSCWN Magazines


Well some of them.  Granted it is a lot (14), all back issues.  I also ordered reprints and the subscription.  I forgot how long the subscription was for.  I am showing off my favorite issue so far (Spring 2005, It is actually the only one I read.).  This is a mint copy of the one I got from the ICA meeting were Jarret J. Jakubowshi, Greg Pack and others had a security panel.  JJJ gave them away at some booth.

I do not know what took so long to subscribe but I finally did it.  I think it is a great idea.  You should do it also, contact JJJ at [email protected] .  Or just send him money at: SSCWN, PO Box 6341, Grand Rapids, MI 49516

Also, that is my other dog, Pepsi.