ShurVendPlus Sir Half-Pint


I really would like to replace my D/H Max-Vend II with something that vends more items.  So I emailed Jim @ ShurVendPlus .  He posted that they were coming out with a new machine, the Sir Half-Pint.  Holds 18-20 products and needs a hole in the wall 41-inches wide by 44-inches high and projects 40-inches in the equipment room.  It holds more products per column, which is good.  Then off to measure my wall and space I have.


From the wall to the equipment it is around 25 inches, from the outside wall to the equipment is around 40 inches, from the wall to the end of the vendor it is around 14 inches, the ShurVend sticks out 40 inches from the wall?, not good.


From the inside corner of the wall to the door is around 36 inches, the ShurVend needs 41 inches wide but he did say the unit is actually 37 inches, still not good. 

The actually measurements for the Max Ven II unit are about 26 1/2 inches x 35 inches, outside (front) of the Max Ven II is 32 inches x 41 inches.  The name on the D/H might be correct, it is the "max" I can "ven" in that space.  (I had to say it sorry.)  Even if the unit fit, which it looks like it can not, it is a rear loading unit.  But there might be hope, they are thinking of making a front loading unit, but unless it is smaller I will still have a problem.

 Other measurements


The concrete pad is 36 inches from the wall.  From the pole to the door is around 46 inches.  From the end of the equipment room to the door is around 49 inches.  From the ground to the top of the vender is around 70 inches.  From the ground to the top of the door is around 88 inches.  From the ground to the bottom of the canopy is around 97 inches.