3 Replies to “Vacuum guy – strikes again”

  1. I had a guy that went into my vacuums for 18 months. I staked out the place and caught him – gave him an ass-chewin and thought he would leave me alone. Well, he did for 3 or 4 wks, then he came back. I complained to the police, but they did nothing, since he actually never casued any damaage. I finally drilled and tapped holes and screwed the doors shut (three screws per vac) with tamper proof screws. He still tried to open them and even succeeded in doing it a couple of times – then finally quit. I had previously left notes telling him he could clean out the vacs twice a month if only he would close the doors and clean up his mess. I even came close to thinking of working him and his car with bat – but that doesn’t get you anywhere. I always thought it was for the money, but sometimes I would still find money he did’nt get ?? It was’nt the mess that mad me upset – it was the doors he left open, then customers would use the vacs and there would be not suction.
    The tamper proof screws worked great.


  2. I had a similar problem which I solved by cutting two pieces of a very thick angle aluminum and bolting them to the vac like a lock hasp and putting a large padlock through it.

  3. Always a problem in the cw business. The cw chain I work for has had several vacs literally destroyed by the homeless / whatever getting into the vacs to get the coins sucked up. The better secure the vacs are, the more they will destroy them. We also had a vac burn up once by someone who scrubbed a pickup bed with gasoline to remove tar, and then used the vac to suck up the gas. The best vacs in the business are the ones with a great sealing dirt door.

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