The best thing I ever found in a garbage can.


Well maybe not the best thing I ever found, but if it was colder and not Steel Reserve 211 and actually was "Exceptionally smooth" it would be the best thing ever.  I had never tried 211 before, so I thought why not.


I think as long as you do not stop drinking, you are fine.  The first 211 I got down, it was way to warm and had a killer after taste, which bites you in the end.

The second 211 Malt Liquor did not go down very well at all.  I broke my golden rule of drinking "never waste beer", I had to pour it out.  Wait it was not beer, I did not break my rule.  Yea!


I washed down the 211 I drank with a Pepsi Wild Cherry.  Which I also did not like, but using the same "do not stop" technique like with the 211, it was fine, until you stop.


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  1. We used to find all kinds of crap at my dad’s SS.  Motorcycle helmets, radios – being I was like 11 it was like a scavenger hunt.  Looking back my dad did a good job tricking into emtpying the trash. 

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