Picture of a guy taking a picture


How about this picture.  A picture of an ass taking a picture of his muddy truck.  How many people have a picture like this?  I ask the two guys, if it was something to be proud of?  There answer was yes, I was not surprised with there answer.  He elaborated, saying that apparently, because it was dry mud it is harder to achieve such a spectacular muddy truck.  I have never been mud riding so it was over my head.  All I know is, if I went mud riding, I would wear shoes but I am not as smart as them.


This was the damage.


This is what the bay looked like two and a half hours later.  I had a lot of fun today.

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  1. Am I missing something here. Why did you let him wash? I would have let him wash if he would agree to wash mud into pit as he washed.They will usually do that if you ask them to.

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