Graffiti update


Today, I tried "GOOF OFF Graffiti Remover" it said that "it works!"  Now this paint has been on the concrete for 16 days.  So I really waited way to long.  I already tried the brake fluid yesterday.


I sprayed it on, scrubbed the paint, then rinsed it off.  Last picture is the end result.


I also purchase some "JASCO Premium Paint & Epoxy Remover".  I think this worked the best, but I did use it after the "GOOF OFF Graffiti Remover".


This product foams up and looks like it is working.  I waited about 10 minutes,  then scrubbed the area, then rinsed the area.  Looks better?


This is what the paint looked like before the "GOOF OFF Graffiti Remover".  This is where I used gas and brake fluid previously.


First picture is where I sprayed the "GOOF OFF Graffiti Remover".  Second it where I scrubbed the paint.  Last is after I rinsed and it dried.


I did not do anything to this paint previously.  I sprayed the "JASCO Premium Paint & Epoxy Remover" on and I ran out of the product.  I scrubbed the paint and it seemed to work well?  The last picture is after it dried.


I sprayed brake fluid on the frp yesterday.  I sprayed "GOOF OFF Graffiti Remover" on it today.  The first picture is the before shot.  The second is after I lightly scrubbed the area.  The last picture is after I pressure washed it off.