Kleen-Rite Corp sells used equipment as new?


Today, I got half my order from Kleen-Rite.com and I got used wands that someone else returned to them.  Now they should have at lease made them look new before resell used equipment.  It just really irritates me.  Maybe that is why I am the only one who still orders from them.  My Dad and Greg order from Windtrax and Dultmeier.  The only reason I like them is because there catalog is color.  (Yes a lame reason.)  I have also had back order problems the last couple months on fittings and crap. 

I also ordered a Spot Free sign from there “Bargain Table” which you can still add to your cart and they called to tell me they did not have anymore. 

Maybe it is just me it was just irritating and I expect more.  What do you think?  I also emailed them so I will have to update the post.

J.E. ADAMS Zinc Plated Wand ;1/4 MPT x 1/4 MPT;18″ Long


Sign, Spot Free Rinse 4 Color
SKU: SI0111-BT

SKU: SI0111-BT

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