High pressure hose busted – Update


The high pressure hose was pretty messed up.   I grinded the hose apart and used two reuseable fittings.


I did not have any reuseable fittings that had swivels so I had to use a swivel.  I will need to order a few swivel reuseable fittings and a couple unions.


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  1. I have a high pressure washer and I burned a hole in the hose.  They do not have a replacement hose , and they want to sell me a new hose with a gun that will fit it for $160.  Will your repair of your high pressure hose work on my pressure washer?  What kind of fittings did you use if you think it will work?  Any information you can give me would be appreciated. Thank You, Dave

  2. This would work fine. You just need to order the correct reusable hose fittings. My hose is 3/8 single wire braid (runs are 1200 psi but the hose is 3000 psi) and I purchased Parker reusable hose fittings from kleenritecorp.com. They sell different sizes but the fittings in the picture are HF0151 $3.93 and the swivel fittings are HF0151 which I should have used. You could also try windtrax.com or dultmeier.com.
    The easiest way would be to call a Napa and some stores have crimpers. Also, hydraulic shops. You should check out the websites they have catalogs you should order. They may come in handy for you later on.
    Let me know what happens.

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