X10 died


I had one of my X10 coin acceptors die today.  At least I think it died.  There was no light at all and I tried to program it twice.  It would reject the coins when trying to program.  Also, cut the power to it and nothing seemed to help. 

I had an extra X10 which was not programed so Greg told me how to program the X10.  It is pretty easy after you know how to do it.  1) Open the X10,  2) Put the dial on 4 (I am not sure why except Greg told me to.),  3) Push the button once (This is the number of pulses the coin will be.),  4) Switch the dial back to zero,  5) Run six coins through (Greg said to use separate coins not the same one.  Also, the coins should go through the X10 like it is accepting the coins.),  6) The X10 will blink or something,  7) Done