Meter door break-in – Again


Someone broke into my meter box again.  This time they stole my latch thing that locks it into place, bent and striped the threads on the lock.  Luckily, I had a spare lock.


He tried to break in to all the vaults and looked at the vacuums.  It was at 9:27 pm I think unless the time is wrong on the dvr I forgot to check.


Here is a picture of his suv.


The meter box worked fine all day except for the guy on the left.  Then the lady on the right decided to steal the quarter for some reason.

3 Replies to “Meter door break-in – Again”

  1. I’d say you need  better cameras. Lack of light is also a problem.

  2. The picture of the car seem ok but the bay camera is not clear enough. You can get good color cameras for under 200. And no housing is required. I use to use cheap bullet cameras but they gave poor picture quality and only lasted a year.

  3. this is probably a long shot but we had a black guy about 50 years old, a white guy about 35 bald and bigger , another white guy and a lady with a pony tail a hat and she drove a suv looked like a  bronco like the onbe on your pics, probably a long shot but i thought i would pass it on. i am in  iowa and i heard one of them is from chicago

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