Talking message center like device

I have loop detectors in my bays for mega time which resets after the car leaves.  But I also want to promote the fact I have mega time.  (The fact I have a big ugly sign in each bay above where you put the money in, does not seem to help.)  When a customer drives in the bay after an allotted period of time a message could play.

My idea is that I hook up a dvd player to my loop detector and then play the audio in the bay.  Like the GinSan GS-52 talking message center.  I think the GinSan cost $523.21.  But I could purchase 4 x $36 Wal-Mart dvd players (I already have one dvd player), 5 relays and 5 speakers for less then the price of one of the GinSan.

It sounds great in theory but I have not tried it yet.