Roof-Mounted attic fan and coatings


I checked out fans at Home-Depot today.  They have three GAF Master Flow fans: pr1 1000 cfpm, 1600 sq. ft., $49.95, pr2 1250 cfpm, 2400 sq. ft., $67.95, pr3 1600 cfpm, 3200 sg. ft., $89.95

I also looked at white elastomeric roof coatings.  Kool Seal #63-300 Energy saving up to 35%, reflects 90%+ $12.79.  I think that the Kool seal sound like a good idea.  I would need 3 or 4 gallons just for above the equipment room.

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  1. I don’t know when you have upgraded this but the price on attic fans appears to be outdated as i cannot find them at those prices

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