Water pressure problem

There was a water pressure problem and I noticed by my pumps cavitating.  I then checked the storage tank and the water was very low.  Then the pressure would be fine then awful.  I turned on the water hose and the water pressure was fine.  This told me it had to be the water regulator or the water filter.  I did not want to open the water filter because it was getting late and there was a hose bib in the main water line.  (Because of Wylam’s problems a few days back.)

So I decided to hook a hose up to hose bib to supply the water pressure.  The problem is the hose bib / barb was to small.  So off to Lowes again for more parts.

I bought a new barb and fittings and everything worked okay.  I think the water pressure was to high and the tank might have leaked all night but it did work.